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SIRIUS Sessions 2024



SIRIUS Sessions 2024SIRIUS presents a series of concerts throughout 2024 featuring an eclectic mix of performers from both Cork County and City, other regions of Ireland, and beyond. They include Sarah Hickey, Sinéad O’Halloran, En’tracte, Rhob Cunningham, Trio, Evelyn Kallansee & Declan Sinnott, Farah Elle, Lewis Barfoot, and The Lark on the Strand, among others. This concert series showcases the richness and variety of music produced in Cork County and City, as well as the rest of the country and overseas.

All concerts are ticketed. All tickets are non-refundable.
Advance booking via Eventbrite is recommended (general link:
Tickets may also be purchased at the SIRIUS reception before each performance.

Accessibility Note
Our building has accessibility limitations. There are three steps to the front door, but a temporary wheelchair ramp is available upon request. Our toilets are accessed via stairs and are not open to visitors. Public toilets are beside the Titanic Experience, by The Promenade.
Entr’acte. Source: the artists
Sarah Hickey 

Friday, 5 April
8.00pm (doors: 7.45pm)
Tickets: €15.00

Sarah Hickey is a Cork City-based musician. Hickey is known for her ethereal yet earthy music exploring folk traditions with pop-like twists. She presents pieces from her past and recent repertoire, debuting a selection of new songs.

Sinéad OHalloran

Saturday, 6 April
12-1pm (Bach Cello Suites I & IV) (doors: 11.45am)
3-4pm (Bach Cello Suites II & III) (doors: 2.45 pm)
Tickets: €10 (each concert) / €15 (both concerts)

Sinéad O’Halloran is a musician from Cork City. O’Halloran presents two performances of Bach’s Cello Suites. This collection of Bach’s work is composed for solo cello and is structured in six movements. They are considered some of Bach’s greatest musical achievements.


Friday, 12 April
Tickets: €12.50 

Entr’acte is a newly formed quartet comprising composers and artists John Godfrey, Irene Murphy, Mick O’Shea, and Karen Power. They make experimental, improvised site-specific music. They present a soundscape responding to Power’s exhibition wondrous worlds within/without: interspecies gossip, on view at SIRIUS.
Evelyn Kallansee and Declan Sinnott. Photograph: Ger Murphy
Rhob Cunningham

Friday, 3 May
8pm (doors: 7.45pm)
Tickets: €20.00

Rhob Cunningham is a singer-songwriter from Dublin. Cunningham is known for his reinventions of traditional Irish music, with a crafted musicianship and depth of lyricism. He presents a selection of songs from his latest album, Peace, Pity and Pardon.


Friday, 1 June
8pm (doors: 7.45pm)
Tickets: €15

Trio brings together musicians Caroline Fraher, John Daly, and Dominic Finn, all based in County Cork. They present a selection of their own and fan favourite hits from popular genres, including musicals, Hollywood movies, and Summer and festive compositions.

Evelyn Kallansee & Declan Sinnott

Friday, 14 June
8pm (doors: 7.45pm)
Tickets: €22.50

Evelyn Kallansee and Declan Sinnott are musicians based in County Kerry and County Cork. They started working together in 2020, with Sinnott providing the guitar for Kallansee’s vocals. Together, they propose a fresh approach to folk music. They present songs from their first collaborative album, The Cherrytree.
Farah Elle. Photograph: APNM Studios
Farah Elle

Friday, 5 July
8pm (doors: 7.45pm)
Tickets: €17.50

Farah Elle is a Libyan/Irish singer-songwriter based in Dublin. Elle explores the effects of her unconventional upbringing and ancestral connections through her music. She presents a setlist from the album FATIMA and past repertoire, creating an intimate evening of spiritual storytelling.

Lewis Barfoot

Friday, 9 August
8pm (doors: 7.45pm)
Tickets: €15.00

Lewis Barfoot is an Irish/English singer-songwriter based in County Cork. Barfoot blends ethereal, evocative vocals with original compositions and reinventions of traditional tunes. She presents songs featured in the album HOME, creating a lively evening fusing haunting melodies and soul-stirring lyrics.

The Lark on the Strand

Friday, 14 September
8pm (doors: 7.45pm)
Tickets: €17.50

The Lark on the Stand comprises Charlie Piggott, Gerry Harrington, Peter Browne, and Seosaimhín Ní Bheaglaoich. They are known for their musicianship and long-standing recognition in traditional Irish music. They present a selection of firm favourites from over the years, and revisit work originally produced in 2020.
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